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New Jersey Failure To Diagnose Cancer Attorneys

Cancer is the number one medical killer in the United States today. Widely feared and studied extensively, most cancers do not have a cure and it is estimated that in 2009, 562,340 people will die in the United States from cancer. More than 1,500 people die from cancer each day.

Cancer is a group of diseases characterized by uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells. If the spread is not controlled, it can result in death. Cancer is caused by both external factors (smoking, chemicals, infectious organisms) and internal factors (genetic dispositions, immune conditions), and it can appear anywhere in the body. Wherever cell division mutates, cancer can become manifest. However, there are common forms of cancer. These forms of cancer are the ones that are most often found in patients, and have the highest death rates among our population. They include:

All forms of cancer share one characteristic: they are most successfully treated in their earliest stages. Regardless of the location or type of the cancer, when a physician is able to find the disease in its earliest stages, they are able to treat it more effectively.

With such an importance for early detection, it is of vital importance that physicians are vigilant in their efforts to evaluate medical symptoms and patient histories to determine if a patient, in fact, has cancer. But what happens when physicians do not live up to their end of the bargain? What about misdiagnosing illnesses and wasting valuable time with treatments that do not address the real illness? And what of medical professionals who misread or incorrectly administer the screening tests that are supposed to help detect cancer? Quite literally, every day is of the essence when it comes to cancer and the patient’s ability to survive it.

The law allows for individuals who have received improper medical treatment or whose cancer was misdiagnosed to seek restitution through the legal system. New Jersey medical malpractice claims against physicians and organizations that fail to care for their patients properly are an important tool in ensuring that the patient continues to receive the most appropriate care.

Blume Goldfaden’s NJ cancer misdiagnosis attorneys work with experts in various medical fields to determine if cancers were timely tested for and diagnosed; and if not, to determine if delays in diagnosis caused a significant change in our clients’ treatment options, prognosis and survivability. Blume Goldfaden lawyers have successfully handled cases including those involving a failure to timely diagnose and treat various cancers including but not limited to: breast, colon, lung, testicles, cervix, uterus, endometrial, ovarian, skin, chest wall, esophagus, pancreas, soft tissues, kidney, brain and thyroid.

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